Human beings have infinite intellectual creativity, and the invention therefrom is the source of industrial expansion. In a rapidly changing social situation, how to protect human intellectual activities is the important factor to succeed in international competition . We hope to be helpful to you in guiding the future course to a better direction.

JULIUS Patent Attorneys Office deals with:

  • Domestic patent and utility model applications in Electricity & Electronics, Control, Mechatronics and other fields;
  • Domestic design and trademark applications;
  • Foreign applications mainly destined for North America, Europe and Asia from Japan;
  • Applications from overseas coming into Japan;
  • Consultation regarding clients' inventions or the like; and
  • Pending legal matters such as authentication and litigation.

In JULIUS Patent Attorneys Office, all of patent attorneys and engineers are continually striving to cover various technical fields and satisfy every client.

Patent Attorney YUJI YANASE